While practising numerology, astrology and chirology, as well as other disciplines, I’ve become convinced that every human being is unique. An enormous potential lies within a human being enabling the human being to create a life of his dreams.

I believe that one of the goals in my profession is to help a person understand himself and learn how to adjust his thoughts. Thoughts are the only driving force helping the human being to successfully move forward. When thoughts are carefully constructed, chosen and adjusted, the life starts to change in the right and positive direction.


The three disciplines in brief

I base my practice on 3 disciplines: numerology, astrology and chirology. Each of the 3 disciplines is described below:

Numerology is a science of numbers. Pythagoras is the founder of numerology. In the ancient times numerology was created and developed by mathematical philosophers who seeked to understand and optimise their consciousness by using different units of measurement. For this, they had invented a convenient format of numbers which could encompass their knowledge. The mathematical philosophers realized that those who had understood and mastered the magic of numbers were able to understand the essence of existence. Nowadays, numerological systems are divided into several branches: Pythagorean (Western), Kabbalah, Vedic and Chinese.

Astrology is a science analysing the interaction between the human being and stars, and the impact that the stars have to our world. The historical data provide a significant basis for claiming that astrology has emerged in Ancient Egypt. Ancient astrologists by observing the celestial bodies had understood that localized energy of the planetary effect has a strong impact not only on the life of the human being, but to the whole world. For this purpose, the astrologists used to describe their observations according to individual celestial bodies and later determine their tendencies, and, as a result, those who had access to such knowledge could spend their lives more efficiently.

Chiromancy, chirology. Nowadays, chiromancy is becoming a part of chirology, which analyses the palms of the human being (lines, shape of fingers, surface and etc.) and reveals the inner and the outer world of the human being. The chiromancy was mentioned in Ancient India for the first time. The palms display a detailed and reliable information about a human being and for practising chiromantics the palms are an excellent mean to reveal and understand the personality of a human being as well as to feel the uniqueness of his inner and outer world, and to determine the connection with the person’s own destiny. It is hard to believe, but the palm lines of every human being are completely unique (even the palm lines of twins are different), and this in turn makes the palms as a mean of analysis of a person very informative.