• Recognition of abilities and talents by revealing the ways to use them;

• Determination of individual life program; its purpose and potential with a possibility for adjustment;

• Determination of the program of the rise and fall periods (drawing up of tables);

• Creation of the program according to cycles: a cycle of several days, a cycle from 1 to several months, a cycle from one to several years, a cycle of 9 years;

• Determination of the cyclicity of the biological rhythms of the human being (physical, intellectual, emotional);

• Compatibility of persons and adjustment of relationship, selection of a partner.


The price for a consultation is 160 EUR .

Consultations can be held both by meeting me or online (via Skype).


During a consultation I focus on the 3 disciplines: numerology, astrology and chirology. Numerology and astrology help me determine the program that a human being has brought with himself to this world. Chirology (palm reading) shows how a person has implemented his initial program or potential.

Before the consultation I prepare numerological and astrological tables. Numerological tables will show the program of the rise and fall periods, which may help you to make the right decision. Astrological tables may help you understand how you are affected by the planets.

Duration of a consultation is approximately two hours. A consultation is recorded and, once it ends, you will get the record of it.