About me


My name is Ruslan Valeiša. I have been practising esoteric disciplines for over 10 years. I have successfully obtained the master’s degree in geology from Vilnius University. Thanks to the acquired specialty, I could expand my scientific knowledge. By combining the academic knowledge and esoteric disciplines (chiromancy, numerology and astrology) I can provide a clear and reasoned explanation of complex existential questions, interpersonal relationship.

I am grateful to the following teachers who have inspired me to explore the laws of the Universe. A. Astrogor (astrology), K. Kuzdenbajeva (numerology), D. Trotsky (chiromancy, esoteric science), P. Uspensky (esoteric science, mathematics) and many others. In 2017 in the Esoteric Centre Du Pasauliai I completed the course of chirology taught by D. E. S. chirologist Asta Svirkienė. I have participated in the training of a famous Vedic chiromantic K. Pilipishin and chiromantic M. Tichonova and etc.


with respect

Ruslan Valeisa

Email: ruslanvaleisa@gmail.com

Phone: +37060449575